Jun 28

More Cadillac ATS rumors

The fellas over at The Detroit Bureau are pretty good at picking up on rumors. As we reported a while back rumors are flying that we will indeed see an ATS-V and possibly an ATS Coupe. The latest swirling rumor is that Caddy is looking to bring back a convertible as well which could land on the ATS name plate.

One thing we know is the ATS is a VERY important car for Cadillac as it could fill the spot the CTS voided when it moved more upmarket to compete with the 5 series and E class. The ATS is going to slot in just above 30k to go to battle with the 3 series and C class. We all know the big auto mags have the 3 series shoved so far up their ass they poop I-drive systems so it’s going to take one hell of a car to get the press from them that the ATS will deserve. However with a V model likely featuring either a turbo V-6 making 380hp or an LS3 pushing more then 400hp that just might do the trick.

In a way I’m hoping for the turbo V-6 because I’d hate to see the CTS suffer the same fate as the STS, namely being that no one wants an STS because the CTS is cheaper and so good. I’m sure the boys at Cadillac have it all figured out. More on an STS-V and CTS-V test drive in the coming days and for now we’ll keep our eyes open for more ATS rumors.