Dec 12

NHTSA wants cars to have a panic stop button

The car nannies at the NHTSA are looking into requiring cars with keyless start to have a panic stop.  Apparently, some high profile accidents in recent years where the driver was too stupid to either put the car into neutral or shut it off with the switch is enough for the NHTSA to regulate all of us.

I hope everyone who reads this blog knows this, but if not, here is a tip for you.  If your car is driving out of control or something has happened and your accelerator is stuck, simply move the gear shift selector to neutral to disengage the transmission from the engine.  This will mean your drive wheels will no longer be driving and you can safely bring the car to a stop with the brakes.

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  1. Chris B.

    I used to drive a ’94 Astro Van. It was great for hauling my drumkit and half of my band’s stuff to shows. Anyway, I was visiting some friends in a city an hour away from my own, and halfway up a steep hill the car lost power. Everything shut off on me. I had a few passengers with me plus a car load of friends following right behind. It was pretty scary when I started hitting the brake pedal and nothing happened. The car coasted a bit, then stopped for a second, then started creeping back down the hill. I had the smarts to slam the transmission in park before anyone got hurt. I’ve never had a scarier moment in an automobile, and it might have been a disaster had I freaked out.

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