Feb 08

Photos from the floor of the Chicago Autoshow

The Chicago Autoshow is the second biggest new car event in the country. There are always lots of new car releases, special editions, and even a classic or two at the show. McCormick place is huge so there is a lot to see and do at the big show. If you couldn’t be there we’ve got you covered with a couple posts full of photos.


We already told you about the new SRT Satin Vapor cars that debuted at the show. The Viper is always a stunner and even better in what I’d call awesome green. It’s a stark contrast to some of the other boring colors shown by some of the automakers. I’ve got some photos of those below as well as some of the cooler stuff too.

Here’s a bit of a full shot of the Subaru booth. We love Subarus here at IG. They are kind of funky, fun to drive, and typically don’t break the bank.

The new Legacy is getting big reviews from the dinosaurs of auto media. I doubt we get to drive one here at IG but if we do, we will of course let you know what we think.

We have a surprising amount of VW fans that read IG. I’d like to think it’s because of our attention to detail, technical prowess, and high build quality. Since that’s all a load of BS I’ll assume it’s because they are the freaks of the car world much like we are the freaks of the car journalism world.
More love for the Germans.
Volvo oh yes Volvo. It translates to I Roll in English. The S60 is one sweet ride and I’d roll in it any time.

More Subaru. The WRX STI Police car? Yes please.

My love for all things AMG is well known. I’d love to get my hand on an SLS AMG. Since that seems really unlikely pics will have to do.
Saleen brought the thunder to Chicago with the Saleen Camaro. More details on that soon.
Porsche is always an interesting place to stop. They have an interesting mix of incredibly good looking cars and really really bad looking cars.
The Mazda 3 Clubsport. That’s a hot hatch we’d like.
Maserati got a ton of press with their commercial for the Ghibli during the super bowl. I’ll have more on the Ghibli later but for now the Quatroportte is what we have here.

The Maserati line keeps growing with the Grand Sport convertible.


That’s going to wrap up part one. Part two a bit later which will feature some Japanese followings as well as some Murican muscle.