Feb 08

Chicago Auto show: photos from the floor part II

Part II from the Chicago auto show at McCormick place starts where part one left off with Maserati and that new fandangled Ghibli. It was all the rage after the super bowl and maybe a bit controversial. Not controversial because of anything in the commercial but because of what wasn’t. The price. There was a lot of discussion on if Maserati missed the mark by advertising to the super bowl audience. What Maserati didn’t tell you was that the price of the new Ghibli is $65,000 which isn’t a bank buster for a lot of America.
While the Maserati Ghibli is a great looking ride and we will certainly talk more about it another time it was not the only action at Chicago. From Lexus, Ford, and just about every one else there was a lot of interesting cars out there. So you’ll have to hit the jump for more.


Lexus gets the award for the most boring booth at the show. White, every car is white. Boring.
On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is the Kia Niro. Kia knows how to push the boundaries of crazy and I like that. The Niro is as funky as Bootsy Colins. Here’s hoping they actually make it.
The Chrysler 200 also made a big splash at the super bowl with their commercial featuring Bob Dylan. The 200 is a nice looking car. I think it will do well.



Speaking of sedans, the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG might be a little too round for my liking but still it has that AMG mystique.
Check out this sweet Ford Transit Connect with the Detroit Steel Wheel treatment.
Ford always has a big presence at Chicago. With the 2015 Mustang coming you can expect to see it every where.

The Hyundai Veloster RE was a big hit at the show. The Veloster has generally garnered favorable reviews from every one and it keeps with the Koreans motto of be weird. I may have just made that up.

Chevy of course was at the show with their full assortment of cars.
I’ll wrap things up with a classic.

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