Feb 10

Monday Commentary? communication breakdown edition

The great thing about technology is it allows us to communicate with people across the world that we would never other wise meet. The bad thing about that is it can be finicky. As was the case this weekend when my laptop decided it didn’t need to connect to the internet any more. This made it tricky to work on IG as I was out of town on business. Back home now and using what I refer to as the worlds most expensive solitaire playing machine I have borrowed a destop for the afternoon to get work done.


The Sunday Commentary has morphed into the Monday Commentary and that means we do the week in review. This week was cold and snowy here at the IG offices. As you can imagine car events are few and far between this time of the year but looking at the extended forecast warm weather awaits on the horizon. Checking my calender the first car events are just around 6 weeks off which sounds like a long time but it will be here before we know it.

Let’s take a look at the week that was.

We started a week off by looking back at the best Super Bowl ads from the big game. The big auto companies spend millions to get their name in your head. Did it work? Well if you are having trouble remembering the best of the year we’ve got you covered.
Best Super Bowl Commericals
toyota muppets

I gotta think I’m not the only NHRA fan reading IG so I threw together a quick schedule of where and when the NHRA series will be this year. It even had some video.
NHRA Schedule
One of the coolest cars to grace IG this week was a Super Stock Plymouth Savoy. It was for sale on ebay and I hope you got your bid in. Who wouldn’t want this classy classic waiting in their garage?
Plymouth Savoy for sale

A huge number of our readers are also Forza Motorsports fans. The racing sim for the Xbox One released a free car pack this week. Free is good! If you didn’t catch the news check it out our article then give it a download and go have fun.
Honda Car pack
honda car pack

The CTS-V is one of our favorite new cars. The CTS-V wagon is cool overload. Add a widebody kit and it’s just off the charts.
CTS-V Wagon widebody kit

Of course the Chicago Auto Show was this week. I was a bit disappointed in all the news that came out because there wasn’t anything terribly exciting. However the SRT crew did put together the new Satin Vapor edition of all their cars. Satin paint is all the rage these days so it only makes sense.
Satin Vapor SRT

We had tons of photos from the floor of the Auto Show too. There weren’t a whole lot of classics around but we stumbled across a few as well as the odd super car now and then. If you like photos of cars and I suspect you do might as well hit the link and check it out.
Chicago Auto Show pictures

That covers the last week in IG. Do us a favor and tell your friends and family about us. We are working on having a big year for 2014 with more show coverage, features, and classic goodness. Also be sure to
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Until next time, keep it shiny side up!