Mar 31

Photos from the Jacksonville Cruise Night car show

Jackpot! While doing some hard drive cleaning I found some photos I hadn’t posted yet. I think last fall when I had some computer trouble these got backed up and forgotten about. New content is good content. I’ve got a little Ford, Mopar, and Chevy so something for everyone today. This is just a taste of what’s to come when the car show season kicks off here in just a few weeks. For now let’s enjoy some photos from the Jacksonville Cruise Night car show.


That Cuda above I have shown before, but no hurt in a repeat. Especially when it is some Mopar muscle. I go to bed at night with visions of Cuda’s in my head. Some people say I should get that checked out. If loving a Plymouth Cuda is wrong I don’t want to be right.

I used this car in our Facebook guess the car game. To the surprise of no one almost everyone got the answer correct.

The CTS-V might be the ultimate family car. A Corvette engine, good looks, and the suspension to put it all on the road. This could be a future collectible.

By 1972 the Challenger had lost some of it’s good looks. However that grill grows on you and the cars make for a great platform to work with.
Under the hood of this Mopar is a 340. It’s enough to get the job done.

We have featured a lot of Ford Econolines here on IG. This one is pretty rough but it would make a good parts getter.

I guess I will wrap it up with a new edge Mustang. This one had some nice custom touches and represents the breed well.