Mar 30

Sunday Commentary:

I’m writing this Sunday Commentary on the brink of Monday. It’s late here in the Midwest and my action packed weekend kept me away from IG for most of it. Being Sunday and seeing as spring is showing itself here in the Midwest I hope you were able to go out for a drive. I did a lot of driving this weekend and it felt amazing to get out. Soon the roads will be filled with classic cars, hot rods, and customs cruising to let off a little steam. The sooner the better I say.


The week at IG was filled with new car news and some cool video. From Camaros to Corvettes and more in our 2>4 series. In the week to come we will have some racing recaps and who knows what surprises in store. Until we get ahead of ourselves let’s take a look back at the week that was.

Callaway Camaro Z/28
Callaway, known for taking already fast things and making them has turned its sights on the new Camaro Z/28. Already the fastest Camaro ever made Callaway promises to take it to the next level. Of course after you plop down a lofty sum.
Calaway Z28

Ford Mustang on the Empire State Building
Despite being one of the best selling sports cars in America Ford feels the Mustang needs a bit of a publicity stunt to promote the new Mustang. Now since America doesn’t do original any more Ford thought it would just conjure up an old stunt from 50 years ago and do it again. Thus the Mustang on the Empire State Building.

Corvette Stingray Driving School
If you own a new Stingray then you need to know how to drive it fast. That is where the Ron Fellows driving school comes in. They will teach owners of the new Corvette Stingray how to get the most out of there bargain super car. You will have those Ferrari owners crying the blues in no time.

Mustang Funny Car
Ford guys got a lot of attention from us this week. First the Mustang on the Empire State Building thing and then a cool home made Ford Mustang Funny Car for sale. Home made race cars are cool and I just thought I’d share.

Chevy Stops Sale of the Cruze
Chevy is having a rough spring. First the massive recall of the Cobalt and other cars due to the faulty ignition. Now they have stopped sale of the Cruze. Turns out the half shafts on the Cruze can fracture and bad things happen. Then GM recalled a whole bunch of full sized trucks to due to a transmission issue. Needless to say the general had a bad week.
Cruze turbo

Motorcycle Madness
Isle of Man Lap
We don’t do a whole lot of motorcycle coverage here at IG, but from time to time we come across something we want to share. That’s the case this week when we found a couple interesting pieces of film. The first a full lap of the Isle of Man TT course. In a word. Insanity.
The second article was some serious slo mo action from Redbull.
Redbull Romaniacs

That will wrap up the week here at IG. Another week closer to car show season.

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As always, thanks for checking us out. Until next time, keep it shiny side up!