Mar 12

Photoshoot: Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged

Full disclosure: The car is mine. It’s my daily driver and it’s been neglected for a long time since I’ve been driving my other car much more lately. So, today I got the old Cobalt out of the barn and spruced it up. I had to correct a couple panels because they got a bit scratched up during a hurried washing. Then it was time for some clay bar and wax. I was finishing up just before sunset and the color was really popping so I decided to rush out for a quick shoot.

So on to the car:
RD fabs intake
ZZP header/downpipe
GMPP exhaust
Ported and polished supercharger
3in pulley
Second heat exchanger of a Cobra
Extra fluid reservoir for the intercooler
MRZ strut bar
There are a whole host of dress up parts inside, out, and under the hood but they are too numerous to mention.
I know someone will say it, so yes the car needs lowered. It used to be, but because of where I live it isn’t feasible; so I went back to the stock ride height.

Hit the jump for the full photoshoot.

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  1. Chris B.

    No brake upgrade? Really?

    That’s the FIRST thing you should do to a Forza car, and we all know Forza = Real Life!!

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