Jun 10

Rod Run, Wentzville Cruise Night

Back at Wentzville Cruise night it seems like this would be a great time to check out some of the non Mopar cars before I slam you guys with all the Mopar goodness. There was a little something for everyone at the Rod Run. I gotta hand it to them, they put on a heck of a cruise. The place was packed with cars. Cars like this awesome Buick convertible. For some reason when I hear Bruce Springsteen’s “My Home Town” and he says “big ole Buick” I think of this car.
This post will probably low on words and high on pictures of sweet rides. Hit the jump for a bunch more.

The backside of that big ole Buick. Such a classy ride. It’s gotta feel great cruising in that thing.

Ford’s of course were out in force. Sometimes in photos it’s hard to tell but these are huge cars.

The Chevy boys were out and ready to race. This Chevy II was shaking the whole place as it rumbled by.

Another Chevy, less racy. Still cool.

The Ford Econoline is certainly a collectible. I always think of our buddy Neal from the WHDOW bunch when I see one.

These gen 2 Camaros are pretty awesome well done. I’ll have a video from this bad boy soon.

One more for fun.

A line of new muscle. Which one do you want?

Heading the other way as the light fades.

It was such a great time at Wentzville. I hear they have another event later in the summer. Hopefully I can get to that one too. More later in the week!