Jun 06

Rust Revival: Exit to planet Rust

The Rust Revival happens every spring in the tiny Northern Missouri town of Wayland, Missouri. Here hot rods of the older more traditional variety gather to bring the thunder to the streets of this small Midwestern town and show off their truly insane creations. It’s a rare treat to see a gathering of this much rust in one place and thankfully with the help of our new friend Sethmo we are able to bring you some pretty sweet coverage of the show.
super chopped
If you hit the jump we have a great variety from the show from traditional chopped and channeled Ford’s to some sweet Chevy trucks. It really is an amazing show.

Who needs sunroof when you can just cut a hole in it. This is one sweet interior on the Wicked 33.
interior of a hot rod
From the back the amazing body work keeps going. To the casual viewer this may look like a hunk of junk, but to those in the know this is a master piece.
back of the 33
This one has rust in all the right places. It’s really something how perfect it can be.
unknown hot rod

No small block Chevy or flathead Ford would do for this hot rod.
hot rod with diesel engine

I think this is a Pontiac, I’m slightly embarrassed to say I don’t know.

Ah there’s a flathead. I knew we’d find one some where.
flat head ford

The theme recently has been that trucks are hot. They are even hot in the rust scene. This one is sitting right on the ground.
Chevy truck

Perfect patina

I’ll have a little bit more later on in the week.

If you enjoyed our Rust Revival coverage please visit our friend Sethmo’s site to check out his fantastic photography work, and once again a bit thank for getting these shots for us.