Jun 07

Film Friday: Red Bull Hare Scramble – Erzberg Rodeo 2013


© Red Bull Media House

The hardest hare scramble in the world took place last weekend.  Hit the jump for hours of video and some amazing photography from the 2013 Erzberg Rodeo.

© Red Bull Media House

© Red Bull Media House



While the Isle of Man TT might be the most extreme version of motorcycle road racing the Erzberg Rodeo has garnered a reputation as the most challenging single day off road race in the world.

The race takes place in an open pit mine in Austria and every year 1500 riders try to qualify for 500 starting positions.  Making it to the starting line at the Erzberg Rodeo is challenging in and of it self but the actual race is so difficult that only a handful of racers out of the 500 starters reach the finish line.

This year 14 racers, double last year’s number,  managed to reach the finish line with the U.K.’s Graham Jarvis taking the checkered in his fourth attempt at the Erzberg Rodeo.

I’ll let the video and pictures speak for themselves.   The Erzberg Rodeo almost defies words.

You can watch the Erzberg Rodeo, neatly split up into small chunks, on YouTube form.

For the full five hours of agony check out the official Red Bull TV version:


Red Bull has also provided us with some amazing photography from the event.