Jun 09

Sunday Commentary: VF Commodore, Chevy SS, rat or hot rod, and Merican Muscle

The Sunday Commentary makes it’s triumphant return this week after a short week hiatus. You may remember the Memorial Day weekend when IG closed offices for a few day to go out and and enjoy some much needed down time. For nearly 18 months we were writing, photographing, interviewing, and doing all the things necessary to run this site. We came back fresh, excited, armed with a bunch of new content, and some real resolve to make this place the best place for hot rods and muscle cars on the web. Then we got hit by a tornado. So after an unintended weekend off the next week we are finally back up and running. But we are back!

yenko nova

We have a lot going on this week, we will have another piece from the Rust Revival, we hit up Cruise Night in Missouri, and of course we have some F1 recap as well as a smattering of other race events from around the world. To take a look at the last week in review, catch a snippet of what is coming up and a new commercial for the Holden VF Commodore featuring the Chevy SS hit the jump.

We kicked off the week with Pagani’z latest and greatest the Revolucion. It’s radical, it’s exotic, and and it’s fast as hell. I think it’s safe to say everyone here at IG loves the Zonda and this Revolucion just takes it one step crazier. We live that.
Pagani Zonda Revolucion
Pagani Zonda revolucion

Film Friday
We’ve been doing this 2>4 thing lately because we feel that motorcycles and cars go hand in hand. Whether you drive on two wheels, three, four, or even eighteen we all love the open road. This week film Friday took a bit of a two wheel flavor as our own Reno took a look at the Redbull Hair Scramble
Red Bull Hare Scramble

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Rust Revival
The Rust Revival is a gather of hot rod enthusiasts who tend to like the less shiny side of things. Trading quarter of a million dollar show queens for hand crafted creations that bring rust back to life in the form of some truly epic creations.
unknown hot rod

The week ahead
I’m told our own Reno has some coverage of the F1 race that took place today so we can expect that early in the week. I’ve got several things I’m working on from loads and loads of pictures from the Wentzville, Missouri cruise night where it was Mopar madness but of course there were numerous Chevys, Fords, and hot rods as well. Not to mention a huge amount of big jacked up trucks. So there will be something for everyone this week.
restored truck

Lastly Holden, which is an Australian arm of GM has released a video for their new VF Commodore. If you don’t know the VF Commodore is basically the new Chevy SS, well the other way around really. So you might want to check out the commercial.


I need to get back to work process the photos from the events this weekend so I’ll wrap up this edition of the Sunday Commentary Follow us on Twitter
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Until next time keep it shiny side up!