Jun 22

Rust Revival: hot rod redemption

With so many shows and photos sometimes some shows get put on the back burned. That was the case with part two of the Rust Revival. Again straight away we need to thank SethMo for hooking us up with the photos. So what is the rust revival? Well think hot rods but less shiny. Think home made and think very creative. We love those flawless paint jobs and shiny show stoppers, but there is nothing cooler then a well done rust bucket with just the right creative touches and built in someones driveway. Built not bought is the key here and that is why we celebrate everything rust today.
white walls and rat rods

Having not been at the show myself this article is a bit picture heavy and info light but they say a picture is worth a thousand words, although I suppose the word you will be using most when viewing these rusted beauties is “whoa.” So hit the jump for some super cool jalopys done up just right.

Slims Speed and Sport hot rod could have easily been the cover car for this article.
wagons are cool, especially when a bit rusty and sitting just right.
wagon rat rod

Whole lot of Murucia in this picture.
I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Mercedes hot rod before. Check another first off my list.
Mercedes rat rod

This one looks so sleek, like it should be out on the salt flats knocking down speed records.
louvered hood
What a bizarre hood ornament.
ford hot rod with odd hood ornaments
If you are going to show up at the Rust Revival with paint and flames they better be classic flames. These look great.
classic flames
This Chevy is sitting on the ground looking like it did some serious work in it’s day.
chevy truck rat rod
Nomads are always beautiful, they just get finer with age, even without a nip tuck and some skin care.
nomad rat rod


Two toned paint looks great. I didn’t have black and green as a color combo in my head, but it is pretty sweet on this well used beauty.
two tone paint job

That will wrap up part two from the Rust Revival. Maybe a little later in the summer I’d do another installment from the banks of the De Moines River in northern Missouri.