Jun 23

Sunday Commentary: Hot Rodus Maximus

Another Sunday is here and another chance to look back at the week that was here in Infinite-Garage.com The big news being the rain is back to spoil my weekend fun although plenty of work meant that for the first weekend in a good while I did not get out to any car events. The whole weekend was off without seeing my weekly dose of big iron but we will soldier on and next weekend brings the promise of more hot rods, muscle cars, and other assorted classic.

louvered hood

In fact my schedule is so action packed that Tuesday night I will be attending the “Great Race” for the first time ever where I am told I will see a nice variety of pre 1969 cars racing from Minnesota to Alabama. I’m pretty stoked. So mother nature needs to throw me a bone here.

Hit the jump for the week in review smattered with an assortment of photos.

Our week began by taking a look at some vintage drag racing photos. I love seeing how the “old guys’ raced. It’s amazing that while many things have changed, man have stayed the same and we can always draw a lot from those who came before us.

vintage mopar drag racing

copyright Mopar

Impressive feats of motoring are always cool and one of the coolest is a look at one man and his 3 million mile Volvo P1800. Talk about getting your moneys worth.

In our continuing 2>4 series, we take a look at last week’s motoGP action. Motorcycles and cars fit hand and hand and we’ve gotten some great favorable feedback on our motorcycle coverage and as the year moves on we plan to expand that coverage to shows and who knows what. If it’s got wheels we will cover it.

Catalunya MotoGP

© Bridgestone

We hit racing coverage hard this week as we previewed Pike’s Peak. Some say it is not the same event with the road being all tarmac now but one thing I know is the speeds are faster, the cars crazier, and the action tighter so it makes covering one of America’s most iconic events a lot of fun.

We closed out the week with another look at the rust revival. Whether you call them hot rods or rat rods I call them pretty awesome. It takes a unique talent to take a rusted old jalopy and turn it into a real work of art and that is what these cars are.
white walls and rat rods

As we close out another week I hope everyone will take the time to head out to some events, get to know your local car scene and if you have a classic get it out and drive it. Summer is here so get out an enjoy it.
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