Oct 29

Scion Sends Three Tuned FRSs to SEMA

Three lucky tuners were given a Scion FRS, fifteen grand, and three months to come up with something interesting and unique for SEMA. First off, where the heck do we sign up to get an FRS and $15,000 to make it better? We would have owned this challenge. Just sayin’. So, the three lucky bastards tuners that got to do this tell us what they did, their inspiration, and other info on the builds in the videos below.

First a little about each car.

John Toca of Chicago created his FRS with a Vortec supercharger, a “stealth” look, body kit, Cusco suspension, Alcantara interior, and new stereo goodies.

Daniel Song created his FRS with the same Vortec supercharger, roll cage, wide body kit, and Recaro seats. The idea here was more of a racer feel.

Chris Besselgia went with more of a show route. Although the car does feature an Eaton supercharger, it also features a much more show like entertainment system, leather interior, and other goodies.

You can hit the jump for the videos on each car and a few more renders.


  1. RenoWrench

    Maybe it’s just me but those are all kinda “meh”.

    If only they were smart enough to include Infinite Garage in this competition, they could have had a pretty bad ass LS swapped FRS, with enough change left over for pizza and beers.

  2. Jason

    No doubt, we would have went straight for the LS7 and spent the left overs on beer and pizza for the install party. Pretty much just showed up at SEMA with it and said “where’s our trophy?”

  3. Chris B.

    I would have installed the pizza and beer and kept the engine for myself.

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