Aug 25

Sunday Commentary: A muscle car as a daily driver?

Sunday is here and it’s time to take a look back at the week that was and this week we will take a look at the idea of having a classic muscle car as a daily driver. It’s a question I get a lot, is it possible to drive a muscle car every day. In short of course it is, but in a few minutes we’ll take a look at it a little further. However first lets look at the week that was.


This week was action packed as we finished up our Bonneville coverage as well as took one last look at the Hull Picnic show. There is a small lull in the storm that is car show season here in the Midwest. However fall is full on car show season here so starting in just a few weeks the storm will be raging with shows nearly every weekend. Before I get too excited thinking about what is to come let’s take a look back at what was.

One place every self respecting car guy has to go is Bonneville. It’s a place like no other. Flat for miles and ultra white sands with brilliant blue skies make it the place for going fast. Real fast. In part two of our visit to the Mecca of Speed we took a look at some of the highly modified vehicles that were trying to tame the salt. Bonneville Part II
Bonneville 2013

Part three of Bonneville was my personal favorite of all our coverage. In this installment we see a lot of hot rods. Bonneville was where hot rods were born, they say some nights when the wind is still you can still hear the echos of those first flathead V8s far across the salt flats. So if hot rods are more your thing check out Bonneville Part III.

The Hull Picnic
While Reno certainly won the award for most miles traveled in the month of August I got some work done too. I visited the Hull Picnic Motor Show which had a great mix of hot rods and muscle cars. We haven’t seen the end of that coverage but I plan to hold what I have left back until the winter when car shows are few.
trans am, camaro, cuda, challenger, nova
Hull Picnic Part II

Film Friday
Film Friday had a bit of a German flavor as we took at look at a sweet Porsche film.

Wallpaper Wednesday
Wallpaper Wednesday comes to you from the salt and is of this amazing salt flat warrior.
Bonneville Roadster

Muscle Cars as daily drivers.
That brings us to the Sunday Commentary and the idea of a muscle car as a daily driver. I’ve been asked numerous times if I thought a muscle car could be driven daily? The answer is of course yes, they were all daily drivers at one point. Cars that have now become fabled creatures of legend were simply someones transportation at some point. Now that’s not to say you’d take a Shelby GT350 and drive it every day here in 2013. Certainly you have to look at things like the cost of replacement parts and just the cost of a car. However you could certainly drive a Shelby GT350 clone every day. Why not? Sure you might show it on the weekends but you are hardly hurting it by driving it daily.
Dodge Dart Swinter

You might be wondering about parts. If you are going to drive a car something eventually will go wrong. Most parts are out there and for the really popular cars like Mustangs and Camaros they are actually quite cheap, especially if you shop around. Old cars are like new cars in that if you take care of them, they will take care of you. Keep your fluids checked, changed, and topped off, don’t drive like a jackass, and any car should treat you fine.

So yes a classic can be driven daily. Just take care of the car, choose your car wisely, and enjoy being the coolest guy on your block.

That will do it for this week. Get out there and drive something Summer is almost gone!
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Until next time keep it shiny side up!