Dec 23

Sunday Commentary: Dec. 23, 2012 blizzard edition!

Snow, DIY, Awards, NEWS, Cadillac ATS-V, Camaro LS7? and a Reader Ride!
Another Sunday another Commentary. It’s Christmas time and this week in the Midwest sure felt like it with the Midwest receiving our first blizzard of the season. Only a couple inches of snow but those 60mph winds sure made things interesting. Not to mention it was this weird ice/snow hybrid hell snow which made driving darn near impossible.

Chevy Cobalt SS ice

We’ve had a good week with the launch of our partnership with Projekt Customs and we have a big week ahead with the year end awards so hit the jump to find out what we got cooking in the week ahead.

Projekt Customs
If you didn’t get a chance to yet be sure to check out our new partnership with Projekt Customs. These guys did an awesome video on DIY restoring and painting rims. We got some great feedback from you guys on it. Turns out you really love this sort of thing which is good, because we do too! We hope to do plenty more of this sort of thing as the new year dawns.

Year End Awards
This week is awards week for us. We have an award to hand out every day this week coming up. Be sure to check that out and weigh in on what you think we got right and wrong. We’d love to hear from you as the week goes on. We’ll be picking from catagories such as best sports car under 30k, best over 30k, best super car, best car from an event we attended, and the coveted IG award which will be next Sunday in the commentary.

random news and rumors
Lots of rumors this week and most of them surrounding GM. Some spec sheets were leaked on the 2014 Camaro and it looks like the LS7 will be available. There is no word on what trim level but it is a good bet that it will be the Z28 that has long been rumored.

In other GM speculation it was also leaked that a V6 Twin Turbo VVT engine is confirmed. Speculation says this is headed for the Cadillac ATS-V. I’m not sure how I feel about that because I’d rather have the LS3 or even better the new LT1 but it seems like that might canibalize sales from the upcoming SS or even some of the sportier models like the Camaro and Corvette. Not likely, but it could. It’s all just speculation now except we do know there is a V6 TT engine coming from GM this year.

It appears the Koreans are in more hot water. We have surely all heard about the fuel economy debacle where Kia and Hyundai both made claims their cars got fuel economy that they didn’t, well now it looks like insiders at those companies began to dump stocks ahead of the announcement and fine against them. Insider trading is a no no and I’m sure they will be punished.

Reader Rides
We are always looking for readers rides to feature on the site. If you have one or know of someone who does use the contact feature above to get ahold of us or just email me direct jason@infinite-garage.com We have our first reader ride teaser for you here today from LONG time reader Jsun who has one of the meanest looking Mustangs on the net.


That will do for this weeks Commentary. Everyone have a merry Christmas this week, be safe out there and remember alcohol and driving do not mix. Get home safe this holiday season! We want you back here for the awards this week.