Jan 06

Sunday Commentary: Jan. 6, 2013

As the doldrums of Winter drag on like a review of a Toyota Prius I’ve been looking back at some photos I took that didn’t quite make the cut. I’ve been pouring through photos to get an intersting look at some of the details I found on cars through the last 14 months of hitting up the shows.

Ford V8

This up coming week is kind of the calm before the storm. With the North American Autoshow coming up in just a few weeks activity will be picking up around here quite a bit. Of course anticipation of the new Vette is high and you can bet we will be on that as soon as it breaks. That’s not all we are working on though. Hit the jump for a little review and some preview.

As many of you probably know Dakar started this week. If you don’t know Dakar is an insane desert racing challenge testing both man, machine, and automotive journalist.

As a bit of a primer you might want to check out our Dakar Smart for two article earlier in the week. It’s a bit goofy and it’s not really going to race but it is kind of interesting.

We also talked a bit about the ALMS Grand Am merger this week. With the ALMS season kicking off in Sebring in just two months we are hoping to bring you expanded coverage of the season.

Corvette #3 "glowing brakes"
Photo by The Freewheeling Daredevil

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The Future
One thing I’m a really big fan of is clean diesel technology. Diesel motors provide mountains of torque and when paired with the right transmission can be a blast to drive. Mazda seems pretty dedicated on bring their Sky Activ Diesel technology to the states and I welcome that with open arms. Tomorrow we have a bit of a preview of their Mazda 6 race car that features the Sky Activ Diesel. So be sure to check in tomorrow morning for that feature.

Lastly I have to do a little plug. I’m very leery of promoting sponsors, affiliates, and such in posts. I want this site to have a high level of journalistic integrity and I wonder if posting about our sponsors would hurt that. At the same time we have to pay the bills. So this week we landed an affiliate program with Weather Tech. Weather Tech makes some pretty awesome floor mats for just about everything on the road. We’d appreciate it if you’d follow the banner link below on over to their site and check out what they have to offer for you. I can personally attest to their quality and fit, not to mention they are made in the USA! What’s not to like about that?

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