Oct 26

Sunday Commentary: what is going on around here?

So there won’t be much of a week in review this week, as we’ve kind of slacked off a bit with our posting. Ok, we weren’t slacking. We were actually incredibly busy. See, it’s a little known secret that Reno and myself aren’t actually millionaire playboys, but, in fact, just normal guys who happen to run a “really kick ass website.” That is in quotes because that is what I was told recently, at a car show. That makes you feel good. So what’s going on with IG? Well we are plugging away and have a few things in the works. We are quietly putting together an update to the site and not so quietly going around to events and shows taking photos.

Ford F100 Panel Truck

Take tomorrow for example. Our good friends at the WHDOW are taking a cruise and I’ll be along. First, I’ll be meeting up with some local car guys to cruise to the cruise start. It will be great. I might even be able to snag a photo or two along the way. That’s what is coming up, but let’s take a look back and talk about where this pokey little website about hot rods and muscle cars has been.

I kicked things off this week with a look at some things from a car show. The Barry Apple Festival to be exact, which I’ve hit pretty hard this year. That’s because there’s so much good stuff for me to shoot there.
Barry Apple Festival

Normally we don’t do much supercar coverage. Not that we don’t like them. It’s just we like to see what other people have done to their cars in terms of restoration and modification. Let’s face it. Most people don’t modify their Lamborghini. However the Lamborghini Veneno is pretty crazy and it’s OUR type of crazy, so we did an article on the Lamborghini Veneno roadster.
Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Wallpaper Wednesday was Chevy powered this week. We love a good wagon and so we came up with one to grace your computer’s background.
Nomad Wallpaper
Chevy Nomad wide angle

Late in the week saw us take a few days off. Plenty of work was getting done, just none of it in the form of articles. There was a time I would have stressed about that. Quite frankly though, quality is more important then quantity. I’m very proud to say that we are posting 95% original articles. Meaning they are articles on cars we’ve shot personally. There are only a handful of car sites that can say that. In fact many of the big boys rely heavily on press photos and other blogs and sites like ours for their content. That’s ok and we certainly use our fair share of press photos but I’m proud to say we use mostly our own content.

The sickest Corvette in the world
Reno ended the week with one of the coolest Corvettes we’ve ever seen. An absolutely amazing pro touring style Vette. You will just have to hit the link and see the video for yourself. The fellas at E Garage do amazing work, hats off to them.
Sick Corvette Stingray

That’s going to have to do it for this week. As always, thanks for checking us out. Tell your friends, and be sure to like us on social media. Until next time, keep it shiny side up!