Aug 11

Sunday Commentary: Won’t be long till Summer’s gone

Another Sunday is here and another action packed week is behind us at Infinite Garage. This week was a lot of prep work for us because with Hot August Nights, Barrett-Jackson Reno, and Bonneville all happening at ones the West Coast office was swamped all week. Throw in a broken arm and a trip to ER and our Reno had himself a dandy of a week. Never fear though he is enjoying the sun and salt at Bonneville as we speak. I hear the trip is going well and he’s getting lots of great coverage for us when he returns next week.


In the mean time here at home base in the Midwest things were a bit slower this week. Show season takes a bit of a lull in mid August while everyone gears up for the fall show frenzy. I did hit the Got Faith Show last weekend and got lots of really great coverage and met some new friends. So if you missed that hit the jump for that and all that was news this week on IG and in the car world.

Got Faith?
While the big name shows get all the TV and magazine coverage here at IG we prefer the little guy. Small town shows are the best because they tend to not be as crowded, everyone seems a bit more talkative, and the quality of car is just as good. That was the case at the Got Faith? show this last weekend. Not to mention it was all for a good cause.

Trucks made a real strong showing in Jerseyville last weekend, enough so to warrant it’s own albeit small post which I called “Got Trucks?”

All my Friends Drive a Low Rider
As I alluded to earlier Reno was busy this week. He brought us some fantastic coverage from the Lowrider show in Reno. Low riders are a very unique segment of the the car world. They combine amazing paint and craftsmanship with some crazy hydraulics and flare. They are super cool and not something we see much of here in the Midwest so it was a nice treat for Reno to get us some coverage from out west.

Chevy truck wallpaper
Wallpaper Wednesday went all truck on us. We caught this awesome Chevy truck at the Great Race earlier this summer. I decided it was worthy of a wallpaper. As always we have several sizes of desktop backgrounds of this great Chevy Wallpaper.
Chevy rat rod truck wallpaper 800

I’ll keep the Sunday Commentary short this week as I feel like going for a drive. It’s a beautiful Sunday here in the Midwest and there’s even a bit of a bite in the air reminding us that fall is not far off. So get out and enjoy the warmth while it lasts.

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Until next time keep it shiny side up!