Aug 12

1965 Plymouth Barracuda

The Plymouth Cuda is a true muscle car legend. One of the all time greats and the king of the streets in it’s hay day. The Cuda had much more humble beginnings as the Plymouth Valiant which would eventually become the Barracuda. This is where our amazingly well restored 1965 Barracuda comes in. The muscle car era was just getting under way, big engines were still to come, and so were the outrageous lines, colors, and big horsepower. Still the roots of the muscle car era are very evident in the Barracuda and when we find one that is so well done it’s worth a closer look.


While I did not get the chance to look under the hood the owner tells me that this Barracuda recieved a transplant in the way of a 360, which will certainly get the job done.

The interior of a 1965 Barracuda was quite spartan compared to today’s gadget filled cluttery interiors. I find it refreshing and it’s one of my favorite points about cars of this era. It’s just you, maybe a radio, in this case an aftermarket unit, and the road. Ah the joys of driving.

One of my all time favorite badges.

There is a lot going on in the front end of a Barracuda. Especially the early ones like this. Lot’s of detail to look at. You can bet these chrome pieces and head light surrounds are not an easy find these days.


No leaning tower of power under the hood of this Barracuda, it’s got a V8 hiding under there.

I know this was a bit of a short look but if you are interested in reading more about Barracuda’s we have you covered. I did a history of the Barracuda last winter.

I also had a cool feature with before and after pics of an absolutely sublime 1967 Barracuda.