Dec 30

Sunday Commentery: The Big Awards

As we leave the Christmas season behind and the new year approaches we are taking stock here at Infinite Garage in what has worked for us in the past and what has not. We’ve got some big plans for the new year and it’s going to be great. What has developed to be the staple of our little corner of the car world and what we are going to expand on in the coming year is our original content. Sure new car news and reviews are cool and we of course love testing the new cars, but what we love more is getting out to shows, races, and other events where our readers, and future readers are showing off their projects. To me the heart of the car world is the hot rodder and tuner. That is where my interest lies. I love seeing a perfectly restored classic, or a modified muscle car, hot rod or import. That’s why to me today’s awards are the most important and why they are done last. Because they are the best.

IG Awards

So hit the jump to see the best of the best from the year that was in Infinite Garage.

Let’s start with the big one.
Best Hot Rod:
For me there was only one choice here. I saw and photographed dozens if not hundreds of hot rods this year and there were a lot of good ones, but one always sticks out in my mind. Dan Garners 1933 Willys. The amount of body work that went into this hot rod was amazing. There are so many custom touches, details, and little things that it would take a real expert to notice them all. After meeting Dan I got the pleasure of spending an afternoon in his shop, Custom Motors, and then I was able to do a photoshoot for the car for Gasser Magazine so I’m fairly familiar with the Willys at this point. I’ve done many photoshoots through the year but this car is always the one that sticks out in my mind.
You can find the original article on the Willys here.

Best Muscle Car
Rollie Lee’s Charger RT
Charger RT
Rollie Lee is a bit of a legend where I come from because he was in the car stereo business for decades. In a way he got many of us gear heads our start in cars by selling us new radios, speakers, and amps which we then would go and install on our cars. I know it’s how I got my start working on cars. He also has one hell of a Mopar collection and among that collection is his truly bad ass Charger. It’s perfection although he is quick to point out what needs fixed, but I guarantee you won’t notice it on your own. You never know which car he is going to show up with at a show and luckily on the day of the Louisiana Colorfest he brought the Charger which afforded me the opportunity to photograph it and have a nice long chat with Rollie.

Best Rat:
I hate the term rat rod, but I really don’t know what else to call our next winner. It’s a De Soto that our own Renowrench found out at Bonneville this year. I think it’s perfection.
De Soto

Best Custom:
So might say why have a best custom and best hot rod category? Aren’t they the same? No, they are not. To me a Custom is a newer then say 1940 car. I’m not real sure where the cut off is there but in my head there is a real difference although I’m sure many hot rods are customs and vice versa. So my custom of the year is this 1950 Chevy. I faced the hardest shooting conditions I’d ever faced at this show. Shadows, a high mid summer sun, some ultra sticky black top, and throngs of people made it nearly impossible to photograph so my pictures do not do it justice. However I think you’ll get the idea.
1950 Chevy Custom

That will wrap up our awards for the year. What a year it was, I made so many new friends, met so many great people, and saw so many bitchin cars that I can’t wait for show season to start back up. It’s going to be an awesome 2013. Myself and the others here at IG have some big plans for the up coming year and we are excited to keep growing and doing what we do.

See you at the shows!