Dec 31

Rally Ready Smart for Two with video!

Why not? If you can cruise through the suburbs with your giant lifted SUV or pick up truck why can’t some crazy bastards make a Smart for Two for rally racing? That’s right, these guys decided to take a Smart car, jack it up, stick some big knobbys on there and rally the damn thing. Now they call it the Dakar Smart but they aren’t actually going to Dakar which starts in just a few days. Either way it’s kind of cool.

Dakar Smart for Two

You’ll have to hit the jump for the videos, but trust me you are going to want to hit the jump for the videos.

News Source: dakarsmart.com


  1. Chris B.

    I don’t know if this thing has a bandwagon yet, but I’m staying off of it. This doesn’t feel cool-ridiculous. It feels like ridiculous-ridiculous. Maybe that makes me an ass, I don’t know. Perhaps the car will prove me wrong in 2013.

  2. RenoWrench

    Agreed, pure marketing exercise, I’m not sure what class that thing could race in the Dakar, but I doubt it would be competitive.

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