Nov 04

Sunday errr Monday Commentary

A day later than normal, it is time for the Sunday Commentary. I guess we should call it the Monday Commentary today. As the leaves reach peak color and the air gets a decided bite to it, we are reminded that fall is here in full force and car show season is over, as everyone puts their babies away for the winter. That does not really stop things here at Infinite Garage, as we make a bit of a transition ourselves, into auto show season. We kick things off with SEMA this week and of course the big winter shows. Where news of new cars will come in fast and furiously.

hood pins

This winter auto show season promises to be a big one. The new Mustang is being announced in Detroit. We will likely see the release of the new Challenger on the LA platform, which will feature the Hellcat 6.2L supercharged Hemi, making over 540hp. Gonna be a good winter indeed. For now, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Let’s get to the week in review.


Michael Adams, aka Pistolpig, is the only one of us here with actual journalism credentials. That’s probably a shock to a lot of you, having read my stellar articles (ha) over the last few years. Fortunately Pistol came on early in the game to bring us some legit writing. He specializes in reviews and while he’s been away for a while running Australia, he promises to make an occasional return this winter, filling in when Reno and I are too busy (hung over) to write. This week Pistol wrote an excellent Review on the Nissan V35 Skyline which we get in Infiniti form here in the US.
Nissan V35 Skyline Test Drive
Infiniti V35 Sedan

Oh look Vettel wins again
We love F1 here at IG and I’ve been a life long Ferrari fan. Finally I realize what everyone else went through as Ralph Schumacher’s brother was winning all of those world championships. It’s boring. So Vettel continues his reign of domination. Reno wrote about it this week.
Indian GP recap
Indian GP 2013

Chevy SEMA preview
Chevy has showed us a little taste of what it will have at SEMA. It’s a lot of compacts and “luxury” at this point, but hopefully as the week goes on we’ll see the good stuff.
Chevy at SEMA

Wallpaper Wednesday
Wallpaper Wednesday this week went old school Mustang.
Mustang 390 badge
Mustang 390 Wallpaper 800

Hollywood Hot Rods
Staying with the Mustang theme, Hollywood hot rods showed what they are working on for SEMA. We here at IG think it’s pretty rad. You might too.
Hollywood hot rods Mustang

Fall Fun Run
We led the week off with coverage from the White Hall Drag O Way’s fall fun run. What a great time and as always, I draped my always excellent writing skills (hard to say that with a straight face) with even better photographic skills. (try not to laugh too hard) So if you like things like Cudas, Challengers, Mustangs, and other assorted cool old cars and you did not see it the first time, just hit the link below.
Fall Fun Run

So that will wrap up the Sunday/Monday Commentary. Until next time, keep it shiny side up.