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Dec 30

2013 Sedan of the Year

We kick off the year end awards with sedan of the year for 2013. A hotly contested category with some old names creating some new favorites. However unlike last year there is no clear cut winner. For this award price matters but only a little as most of the really good sedans are in the …

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Jun 25

The Cadillac XTS to get twin turbo V6

Turbos are the future, and the future is here. Following the lead of BMW, Mercedes, and even Ford GM has jumped hard on the turbo trend. Turbos give a car the best of both worlds. First you get lots of torque which can make for fun driving and ample power when needing to pass or …

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Apr 17

Cadillac future coupes and wagons to move to ATS platform?

The folks over at Car and Driver have good info that in the future the coupe and wagon variants may move to the ATS platform. This makes sense from Cadillac’s stand point because it needs to compete with the German’s smaller coupes and wagons. Since the CTS continues to grow in size it certainly isn’t …

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