Sep 24

The Auto World Museum Fulton, Missouri

In the sleepy little town of Fulton, Missouri lies one of the nicest car collections in the state. William Backer was a potato chip maker and a car enthusiast. Over the years he accumulated quite the collection of cars. The museum rotates the cars through out various times of the year and as it turns out we were there for the antique and classic car era which features cars from the pre muscle car era. There was also an exhibit on alternative power plants which was quite neat to see.

When you are taken into the main hall of the exhibit you are greeted with the alternate power plants, the first thing I saw was this like new classic rotary. The rotary has always had a bit of a cult following, but it is an important step in automotive history and here is a fine example of an RX7

This is a hand built replica of a classic era racer. The craftsmanship was very nice. For some reason it was tucked in back kind of out of the way.

There were many “supercars” of the era from these classic Rolls to a Dusey. It’s really something how big these cars are.

This one twenty is a great example of the sleek styling that was found in many cars or this era.

With a face only a mother could love the Edsel is one of histories great flops. However they have enjoyed a nice renaissance in modern times with collectors.

As you work your way back around to the front of the museum the cars get more modern. As we see here in this classic Mustang we begin to transition into the muscle car era which will be on display at a later date in the museum.

What is a car collection with out a Delorean?

I may have more on the World Auto Museum later, but that will do it for now. If you are near central Missouri on I-70 you might take a small detour on highway 54 to Fulton and check out the museum.