Sep 05

The Evolution of the Audi R8

In many ways the Audi R8 is the new kid on the block in the supercar world, yet it feels like it has been in the game forever. Audi may not strike the soul, passion, and excitement in a person like Ferrari, Lamborghini or other super car brands but the R8 has won the hearts of many in it’s short time of existence. For 2013 Audi has done a bit of a refresh on the R8 for the states. It’s pretty minor stuff like new exterior colors, lots of carbon fiber options, and new interior trims. Audi is pretty proud of what they call the R8 Selection Editions. Which has to be a possible winner of the IG 2012 stupid car name award. However the stupid stops there because the R8 is an impressive piece of machinery.

Audi has put together a nice video on the “Evolution or the R8” for our viewing pleasure so hit the jump to see it and a full press release.