Sep 04

Grand Am and ALMS to Merge in 2014

Labor Day weekend is always a big race weekend, between multiple NASCAR races the typical travesty that is a modern IndyCar race and some little race in Belgium, at a place called Spa. It’s easy to imagine that many of you missed the most important news of the weekend.

Fans of American road racing might have something to rejoice about in the next couple of years.  On Saturday it was leaked that Grand Am and ALMS are going to merge and become one super series, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the glory days of IMSA GT racing, or maybe not.

For the last decade America road racing has been fragmented, with too many sanctioning bodies and too few races whose fields are lightly peppered with a handful of professional drivers, among the majority of “pay to play” racers.  Add a poor TV package and limited manufacturer involvement and you have a recipe for a marginally successful series.

Merging the two road racing series sounds like a great idea on paper but a little follow up research by Peter M. De Lorenzo, over at Sports Car Insider,  revealed that it is really more along the lines of Grand Am buying ALMS.  That news is a little less exciting.  While ALMS has international credibility and the cars are FIA compliant, Grand Am is something of a homegrown travesty cooked up by the France family to market the once prestigious 24 hours of Daytona.

At this point, I am hoping that the buy out is in good faith and the motivation behind it is the desire to bring road racing back to the fore in the United States and not an attempt to simply remove the competition.

If you missed the above link to Peter M. De Lorenzo’s article you should really take the time to check it out, he lays out an excellent blueprint for how the merger could be successful.


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  1. Jason

    If this were ALMS buying Grand AM I would be really excited, but now I’m just a bit cautiously optimistic. Grand AM can just never seem to get their act together. Hopefully that will change now.

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