Jul 11

The Goodwood Festival of Speed

Every summer our friends over in England get together for a small hill climb event known as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Now while many of our readers may not know about or have only heard about it in passing I assure you it is one of the Mecca’s of speed and is on the list of car events you must attend before you die. Hmm, I think I just came up with a new article idea. Back to Goodwood for now. The Festival of Speed (FoS) was founded in Lord March who wanted to bring motorsport back to the Goodwood Estate and boy did he hit a home run. That first year saw 25,000 spectators but now numbers approach 150,000 attendees. The event has become so popular that it is not uncommon for super car makers to show new technology at the hill climb. You old school IG fans will surely remember our Virginia City Hill Climb coverage so let’s see how our friends across the pond do it.

Ariel Atom at Goodwood
Pictured above is an Ariel Atom. A lot of our regular readers might not know much about it but is considered one of the ultimate track day cars. With nothing left to waste and virtually no body work it’s super light and with several engine choices it has plenty of power to boot. No doubt it’s a real blast up the hill.

Audi always has a strong presence at Goodwood and I’m sure I don’t have to tell too many of our readers about the R8. One of the best super cars around the R8 tackled the historic hill climb in fine form.
Audi R8 at Goodwood

The BMW M6 is a bit of a rare treat here in the US. It’s a hell of a car if you can figure out all the high tech gismos.
Mclaren of course makes a strong showing in their home country. Goodwood is McLaren territory for sure. You can bet this racer was not the only mighty Mc roaming around.
Mclaren race car
Even the Japanese turn up, well ok this guy might just be a fan of Japanese cars. The Nismo 370Z is pretty cool and it’s nice to see them getting flogged a bit instead of the typical big wheel, stanced treatment.
Nismo 370Z at Goodwood
Ah Rolls Royce, class, style, luxury, and racing up a historic hill climb circuit.
Rolls Royce Ghost
This Phantom also wafted up the hill. I love it when land barges go racing.
Rolls Royce Phantom
Volvo has quietly, at least here in the US, been making awesome cars. This Volvo V60 wagon is all kinds of awesome Wagons are cool!
Volvo V60 at Goodwood

That will wrap up part one from Goodwood. Be sure to tune back in this weekend for a bit more from the FoS.

Photosource: USAPRNews