Jan 10

The rest from the autoshow

So we obsessively covered Chevy yesterday but believe it or not they weren’t the only ones at the autoshow yesterday. So let’s do a round up of the rest and maybe later in the week we will take a closer look at some of the good stuff.

The new NSX was shown. I’m undecided on it right now and I’m not terribly excited about it because it’s a hybrid. Due super car buyers really want their super car to be a hybrid? Worth noting is that it will be built stateside, which is awesome! Go Honda!

Cady may build a diesel and a coupe convertible version of the ATS. DO IT!!!! and while you are at it an ATS-V will be sweet. We are definitely going to dive back into the ATS later this week.

Toyota announced the Prius C. I’m not a fan of the Prius, but the Prius C will be priced at 19k. It’s nice to see hybrid technology to continue to come down in price and it’s not shocker Toyota is the one to pull it off. Good for you Toyota.

The Buick Encore debuted. Think Sonic sized SUV on the Sonic platform with the ecotec 1.4L 140hp engine. No official word on pricing but considering it’s size and where it slots into the line up we are thinking maybe around 20k.

Hyundai released details on the Volester turbo, which is going to have 201hp. I’d like to drive one to see if it cures what ailes the current Volester.