Jan 09

Chevy shoots and misses with a new concept. The Code

As some guy that runs this random blog I’ve had to make a decision.  Do I do like all the other car blogs out there and just repost press releases from the big automakers and call it news or do I wade through the corporate dribble find the info and give you the info you want, hopefully with a little wit and humor that makes you not hate me.  Well at the risk of ticking off the corporate handlers I chose the later.  I’d rather be informative and entertaining then boring.  So why say this in a post about the Chevy Code?  Because it’s more important now then ever to not just move some facts around.

Today Chevy unveiled two concepts one being called the Code 130R and the other the Tru140s.  The code sounds like a crappy TV show and the Tru a rapper.  I’m nit picking though.  What Chevy has done here has disappointed.  The press release starts out saying

“According to U.S. Census data, there are 80 million American consumers approaching 30. They represent 40 percent of today’s potential car-buying public and a combined $1 trillion in purchasing power.”


Which lets us know that this car will be a huge disappointment.  It’s built by bean counters for bean counters.  They claim to have talked to “young people” to see what they want, which I’m sure they did, but I guarantee none of those young people were car people.

Here is the skinny on the Code.

1.4L ecotec with eassist.


6 speed auto standard, 6 speed manual extra

20 inch wheels


2 door 4 seats

priced between 20-25k.


So what’s wrong with this car?  Why am I complaining about a car they haven’t even built?  Well first off 150hp is grossly underpowered, especially when it’s competition is making 200hp on their base model coupe.  I’m sure the theoretical Code would have an RS or SS package with more punch but why under power it from the start?

Second it’s going to be full of gadgets, now I get the world loves iphones, but do we need them in our car too?  They just add weight, cost, and distractions.  I’m not stupid, and I know any car made in the future is going to have them because there are consumers that will want them, or atleast will cross shop with other cars that have them.

Third, it’s not very good looking.  Sorry it’s not, especially compared to it’s chief rivals the BRZ and FRS.

So what does Chevy need to do to make the Code a huge success.  Well it needs more power.  No the whole world isn’t about horsepower, but Chevy has the ecotec at it’s disposal.  So put the LNF in there give the car about 300hp and blow your competition away.  Offer a stripped out “track” version with out all the electronic gadgets, e assist, and a nice sporty suspension.  Unlike other companies don’t charge us more for less.  Make the stripped out version cheaper the the gadget loaded version.  Finally, price it right.  No one is going to pay 25k for this when the BRZ and FRS are less money and offer more sport.

If I can hop on the I have a dream bandwagon, throw an LS3 in it. Ok, that will never happen but it would be awesome.

So GM I’m not sure who you talked to, but you’ve already lost this game before it’s even started.  You may end up making a great car out of the Code, but few will ever really know because they are going to run to your Japanese competitors who do actually listen to the enthusiasts.




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  1. Detrick

    Good post Jason. I agree on all accounts. IMO, the FR-S and Code shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence. The FR-S has larger stones for sure ….and is just dead sexy. Speaking as a person outside of the target demographic I would rather own the FR-S.

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