Jan 09

Chevy Unveils the Sonic RS

We kind of knew this was coming but now it’s official.  At the International Autoshow in Detroit Chevy unveiled the Sonic RS.  The latest and greatest in hot hatchery looks to be a nice upgrade from the base model Sonic, which was already pretty decent.



The Sonic RS comes with a 1.4L turbo making 138hp, all sorts of new body work, and a pretty decent interior.  You get your choice of transmission either a six speed manual or a slushbox.  You are going to want the manual.  The car also comes with four wheel disc brakes which isn’t exactly the norm in this segment.

You can pick up a base model for around 14k, so the RS is likely to push close to 20k.  That’s on par with the other hotted up versions of it’s rival but it’s going to have to provide a heck of a bang for it’s buck to be worth 20 large for a pretty small car.  No official word on pricing yet though

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  1. Adam C.

    Thats actually a nice looking hatch

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