Sep 10

The return of the Barracuda

A while back we floated the rumor that Dodge was working on a Barracuda to add to it’s lineup. We thought thay the Barracuda may replace the Challenger and be a smaller lighter car more in line with the Mustang, but Dodge doesn’t really do small and light these days so that seemed unlikely. More like a dream really.

Automotive News
has found out that the Barracuda will co exist with the Challenger and not replace it. The Challenger is scheduled for a redesign in 2015 and word is it will be a slightly shorter wheel base car, so maybe it will get lighter yet. What we do know from our own sources inside Chyrsler is that SRT is indeed working on a supercharged version of the 6.2L Hemi engine for the next Challenger.

What it appears is going to happen now is that Dodge will get the Challenger base and R/T models while SRT will be in charge of the top of the range supercharged model that will be called the Barracuda. The Barracuda will of course be made to compete with the likes of the ZL1 Camaro and GT500 Mustang. Can Chrysler do it? Can they take this very big, very over weight car and turn it into a real street fighter with the other muscle cars? Let’s also not forget the Challenger is the most expensive of the three muscle cars as well so can it compete price wise as a Barracuda? Reid Bigland of Dodge says the brand will focus on “affordable performance” moving forward. What exactly does that mean though? We will find out soon enough, 2015 is coming up pretty fast and you know we will keep you up to date here on IG with all the latest news.