Sep 10

The White Hall Drag O Way Reunion Part 2, Cobras

The awesome thing about last weekends White Hall Drag O Way Reunion is there was something for everyone. I generally take my Dad to these types of events as he loves cars too. He’d tell you he’s a Mopar man but I have never seen him jump up as fast as he did when this blue with white stripes Cobra rumbled by. Luckily I not only have a few photos but I have a video as well for you which you won’t want to miss.

So hit the jump for the Cobras of The White Hall Drag O Way Reunion

The Cobra is the most replicated car in history, and with good reason. It’s looks are timeless and it’s story is legendary. Replica or real a Cobra is sure to turn heads no matter where it is.

You will find all kinds of variations and interpretations of what should go under the hood of a Cobra.

Silver is another classic Cobra color and the way this hood opens is another prime example of how man variations can be found.

A more modern metallic orange paint really sets off this one.

Even the rear is stylish.

Lastly, it’s not a real Shelby but it certainly was done in the spirit of Shelby. Pay close attention to the extensive body work.

Of course here is some video from the event that features a Cobra or two rumbling by as well as some of the other great sounds of the show.

For more info on the show check out whdow.org and tune back in later in the week for even more coverage.