Sep 11

2013 Viper starting under 100k…..barely

Just the other day we told you that the Dodge brand was going to focus on “affordable performance.” I’m not sure a $100,000 dollar car is exactly affordable but I’m a bit surprised at the sub $100,000 dollar Viper. I fully expected the new Viper to be in ZR1 territory which is more like $115,000.

SRT in fact says the new Viper will have a base price of just $99,395 which is under $100,000 barely. Of course that is before you add options and other goodies and if you want the GTS model you will have to shell out more to the tune of $122,000. So the new Viper is hardly bargain basement performance, but it really never was or at least hasn’t been for over 15 years. Either way it’s a pretty sweet car and a heck of a lot less then it’s Italian rivals.