Apr 21

The Sunday Drive

The Sunday Drive is as American as apple pie and for good reason. American’s love cars. I’ve heard several people say and read several blogs that say the Sunday drive is dead. That’s just simply not true. Sure high fuel prices, busy life styles, and tighter budgets have surely cramped the Sunday drive’s style a bit but I’m pleased to tell you the Sunday drive is still a tradition observed by many.

My fondest memories growing up are of Sunday drives. The earliest drives I remember are with my Dad going to visit my Grandfather. Grandpa lived on the farm maybe a half hour from home and we’d pile into my Dad’s 57 Mercury Monterrey and head out. We’d go pick up my Grandpa and go “tour the old country.” Which was the area he grew up maybe an hour from our house. I loved it, I loved hearing the stories, seeing the country side, and I loved everything about that car. Sadly when my Grandpa died so did the Sunday Drive temporarily.

However it wasn’t but a few years when my other Grandpa and Grandma started wanting to go for Sunday drives. So by this point it would be my Dad, Mom, Grandparents, and myself crammed into whatever we had at the time, I’m thinking an Olds Cutlass Supreme and we’d go for a cruise and eat dinner at this place that served catfish maybe an hour or so away. (It seems everything is an hour away from here.) That Sunday tradition lived on until I was off to college. In fact it still carried on just often times without me. Sadly by the time I finished college my Grandparents health was fading and the Sunday tradition seemingly died for good. Of course I was also an adult now and doing adult things with work, friends, girlfriends, etc and I think I partly didn’t make time for it. I always missed it though.

Now in my thirties it seems a good time to do what my Dad did with his Dad which is go for drives. So we’ve begun that and the Sunday drive has been reborn. It’s something we do atleast a couple times a month and it usually involves a cruise to the catfish restaurant, through “the old country” and a stop at my uncles is usually involved. Sometimes he even comes along. Sometimes there is little conversation, sometimes there is a lot of conversation, there is almost always road farming. (We are farmers and thus have to make sure everyone else if farming correctly. 🙂 ) Whatever the trip is like the Sunday Drive has become an activity that I cherish and look forward to now more then ever as I grow older and realize our time is limited.

I never intended Infinite-Garage to be a place where I shared personal stories and I may never share another again, but the deeper I dive into car culture I realize how personal it is. It’s things like the Sunday drive, working on a car with your Dad, or your friends, or racing with your buddies that make this hobby so great. It’s the personal connections that drive what makes this hobby so great. So as corny and cheesy as this may sound take a second to take in the personal side of this hobby. I’d love to hear your Sunday drive stories, or your more personal stories about the car hobby. I’d love to share them with the world. So often the car world is about competition, who has the right rims, look, motor, or drive train, and too often we forget what makes this hobby really special. So if you have a personal story, build, project, or something you’d just like to share with us hit us up on facebook, or email us at theinfinitegarage@gmail.com