Apr 22

Earth Day tips for car lovers

I read an article earlier about things you can do on Earth Day to save the environment when you drive. Of course this was driven by a car hating hippie so it included things like switching to an electric car, using public transit, biking to work, or even walking. I don’t like expensive slow cars, hobos, sweating, or physical exertion so I thought that list was pretty stupid. That got me thinking, what car guy things can we do to help mother earth?

First off get your car tuned. Stock tunes from the factory are horribly inefficient and you’d be shocked at just how much fuel efficiency can be gained by a simple tune.

Let’s take that a step further. Things like the stock exhaust manifold, cat, and stock exhaust piping can be very restrictive and rob you of fuel economy and fun. Replacing this and tuning can net you more gains in the efficiency area. Note: removing your cat is all kinds of illegal don’t do it. 😉

You could also start spraying nitrous or methanol into your engine. Again with a good tune and a nice set up you could net some extra “efficiency.” Now obviously you’d only spray at full throttle but more power means you need full throttle for a shorter time which means you save fuel.

Don’t over look weight savings. Take all the junk out of your car you don’t need, and if you aren’t worried about it being loud on the inside start taking out body panels, sound damping, and other things you don’t need. The benefit here is not only better fuel economy but a quicker and better handling car.

Lastly if you are a hybrid owner get rid of it. Your car is literally killing mother earth. From start to finish everything it takes to build a Prius to the time a Prius meets the scrap yard takes way more resources then a Hummer. Hybrid owners you are literally killing our planet. I hope you are happy. You should be ashamed of yourself, and not just because your cars suck but because they are killing poor sweet old mother nature.

So there you go, some quick easy tips for saving mother earth through motoring here on Earth Day.


  1. RenoWrench

    I dialed in the mixture screws and bumped up the timing on the van, slightly less smoke now.

    You’re welcome Earth.

  2. Jason

    See it’s thoughtful environmentally conscious readers like Reno that raise us above the rest here at I-G.

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