Jan 24

Tim Allen and Jay Leno Cruise in a 68 Copo Camaro

Tim Allen and Jay Leno are two of the biggest names in comedy. It is of course no secret both are massive car guys. I’d like to think if they new IG existed they’d be fans. We are are certainly fans of theirs and their cool cars. Leno of course has his own cool internet thing going with Jay Leno’s Garage. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet I suggest heading on over there after you check us out of course. It’s full of cool videos of Jay driving all sorts of rides.


Back to Tim and Jay driving that sweet 68 Copo Camaro. As you can imagine when these two get together things get interesting. Tim’s Camaro has a whole host of cool custom features and of course a big 427 to make sure it gets up and goes. The video is after the jump!