Apr 23

Track day in a BMW 328i: Hunting down V8s

Our gracious host and server guru Jeremy, who we call affectionately call Idle made it to his first track day last weekend. Everyone remembers their first time and this is a day Idle will never forget as he showed off some pretty nice driving skills by keep up with cars that have more then twice the horsepower of his 328i. Color us impressed. It looks like all those hours logged in Forza Motorsport really paid off.
328i track
Of course it does not really matter how you do on your track day. What matters is having fun, driving your car hard, and learning about the car, the limits of the car and interacting with others who are car guys. If you are thinking about doing a track day you should, but be warned it can get addicting.

Hit the jump and see how our lowly IT guy fairs around the twisties of the Gateway International Road Course.