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Dec 20

A year in the life of a Porsche 924S


The Porsche 924S probably isn’t the first model you think of when you hear the name Porsche, but maybe you should start thinking about it. The 924 had been around since the late 70s but in 1984 the VW engine that was being used to power the 924 went out of production. This put Porsche …

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Apr 23

Track day in a BMW 328i: Hunting down V8s

328i track

Our gracious host and server guru Jeremy, who we call affectionately call Idle made it to his first track day last weekend. Everyone remembers their first time and this is a day Idle will never forget as he showed off some pretty nice driving skills by keep up with cars that have more then twice …

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Nov 18

Compilation of track day crashes on video

Track days are great way to get your car out and stretch it’s legs safely. Well usually safely. Often times there is a point where budget exceeds talent and bad things happen. So the video below is a compilation of various track day mishaps from around the globe. Think of it as a reminder of …

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