Dec 20

A year in the life of a Porsche 924S

The Porsche 924S probably isn’t the first model you think of when you hear the name Porsche, but maybe you should start thinking about it. The 924 had been around since the late 70s but in 1984 the VW engine that was being used to power the 924 went out of production. This put Porsche in a bit of a bind. So they detuned the 2.5L engine in the 944 to 163bhp and stuck it in the 924 thus creating the 924S. As I said you probably don’t think of the 924S very often but they can be had for a very reasonable price and they have the Porsche pedigree so you could probably find you a nice little driver in one.


Porsche 924 S: source wikimedia commons

Being Film Friday we of course have some video to show you. This one is called “A Year with a Porsche 924S.” The owner Matt Biggs chronicled a year in his life with the 924S doing some racing, snow driving, and all the other things you do when you have a sweet vintage Porsche. So hit the jump for a short video with some cool driving footage.

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