Oct 02

2012 Virginia City Hillclimb

Ferrari 550

Last weekend marked the forty first running of the Virginia City Hillclimb.  Set in the historic Nevada Comstock, the former stomping ground of such luminary swindlers as Mark Twain, the Virginia City Hillclimb consists of twenty one turns over five point two miles of closed highway.  Hit the jump for more pics and a little bit of history.

The hillclimb is organized by the Ferrari Club of America Pacific Region.  Ostensibly it’s a Ferrari club event, but it’s open to all cars and drivers regardless of marque or club affiliation.  As a result, there was a pretty wide variety of cars.

vc start

A few cars queued up after a late break for lunch. Corvettes were probably the next most popular marque, after Ferrari.


Not all the cars were competitors, this Ferrari was parked at the Gold Hill Hotel while it’s owner took a break from the hard work of spectating.


One of the other red cars.

ferrari 4458 corvette zo6

Two of the quicker cars up the hill, a 458 Ferrari and a Ron Fellows Edition ZO6 Corvette.












panoz roadster

Something that has to be more rare than most Ferraris, a Panoz Roadster



A viper with just barely enough wing, it also sounded like it had a rather large turbo or possibly centrifugal supercharger.



Nothing really needs to be said.


430 spider

Looks like a Ferrari, notice the “racing tape” on the wheel wells.  Most of the Ferraris were running this “modification” I assume they were worried about rock chips.

That wraps up our coverage for now, check back later in the week for a few more pictures and a little bit of video as we continue our coverage of the Virginia City Hillclimb.

For more on the Virginia City Hillclimb and the Ferrari Club of America: