Oct 03

North American Car of the Year Nominees

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As the colors of fall come into full effect across the northern tier of the US it is time to think about what might be the car of the year this year. You might remember last year when we chose the Lamborghini Aventador as the car of the year. The committee that chooses the North American Car of the Year last year chose the Hyundai Elantra. Clearly they did not drive the Aventador last year. Since we have yet to be invited to join the committee of jourors they will probably pick a similarly poor choice this year. However today they have narrowed down their list of cars and we can at least see where they are headed with this. So hit the jump and let’s take a look at what they picked, and what we think about the list.

First up is of course the BMW 3 series. It seems every car mag or blog has to have this on it’s list of best of the year. You know what, it’s not. I know that is ground breaking and I’m not saying the BMW 3 series isn’t good. It is. It’s also gotten terribly expensive over the years and continues with extremely boring styling. It’s a nice drive for sure, but to put it in the best of the best category….nope not here. Let the hate mail roll in.

Second on the list is the Cadillac ATS which is Cadillac’s 3 series fighter. It’s more powerful, a little bigger, and unique looking. It is like a 3 series with a personality. This is certainly a candidate for IG’s car of the year although a V model would really help it’s cause.

The Dodge Dart pretty much had to be on this list. Dodge has spent a small fortune marketing the Dart to America in hopes of capturing a bit of the small sedan market back. The Dodge is relative cheap by today’s standards and comes with a ton of features standard. It is a pretty quality product so it is a strong contender.

Next on the NACOTY committee’s list is the Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS. The return of the cheap RWD coupe. Again cheap is relative but at around $25,000 it is not a bad deal at all. They are fun to drive, handle well, and nicely equipped. In the early consideration for IG’s car of the year the BRZ/FRZ is a front runner.

The rest of the NACOTY’s list is quite boring.
Lincoln MKZ
Honda Accord
Nissan Ultima
Toyota Avalon.

I realize it probably isn’t top notch journalism to just gloss those over and there is a good chance the NACOTY committee picks one of those cars because they have a history of picking boring, crappy cars. There is no chance any of those four make the IG’s top 10 finalist so I’m not going to waste time with them.

If I may, I would like to add a late entry to the field and that would be the 2013 Viper. There are some nice cars on the list, but who doesn’t want the new Viper?

Time will tell, and we still have a few cars to drive before making our decision. I think it is pretty easy to tell what our early front runners are but stay tuned!

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