Oct 03

2012 Virginia City Hillclimb: Part 2

Way back in the 1860s, Mark Twain might have spent the better part of a day bouncing up Occidental Grade (Nevada State Route 341) but last weekend modern horsepower was king as Ferrari Club of America put on it’s annual Virginia City Hillclimb.  Hit the jump for pictures, video and more as we continue our coverage.


It wasn’t all about Ferraris at the Ferrari Club of America Virginia City Hillclimb, there was plenty of American iron.

ford gt

Both modern…

ford falcon

…and vintage.

458 Ferrari

Of course there were a few Ferraris.  Some quick YouTube research turned up some in car video of this 458.

Speaking of video we were able to put together a little bit of exclusive video.  Sadly, due to our lack of attractive interns, we could only cover one corner and a little bit of the starting line, but we did manage to capture some prancing horses at full gallop.



Another beautiful classic Ferrari, I never found the owner, one can only assume that he has a powerful mustache.

Using the magic of the internet I managed to come across Tom Wilson’s tribute site to the Ferrari 250 GTE.  Aside from an enormous amount of information about one of Ferrari’s most beautiful cars, he also has a nice PDF scan of the Ferrari Owners Club Magazine, covering the 1974 running of the Virginia City Hillclimb.



A different kind of horse.

That concludes our Virginia City Hillclimb coverage.  If you missed part one or would like to know more about the event check out the links below.

Virginia City Hillclimb part 1.

Ferrari Club of America (the Pacific region is responsible for the Hillclimb)

The beautiful Ferrari 250GTE

For a few more pictures from the event check out the Flickr gallery.


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