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Jul 08

The Last BMW M3 has Rolled off the Assembly Line

last BMW M3

The BMW M3 is claimed to be the ultimate driving machine. While that was certainly true once we have questioned it recently as costs have gotten out of the control and the car gets heavier, lazier, and a bit more poserish. I recently ranted on BMW’s fake exhaust sound and it probably got me on …

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Oct 27

2013 BMW M3 Frozen Edition

The BMW M3 has long been heralded as the mother of all driver’s cars; and with good reason, they are brilliant. The new M3 got some knocks from the purists for having a V8 engine, weighing too much, and being overloaded with gadgets. Under all of that though, is one great drive. So the BMW …

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Oct 03

North American Car of the Year Nominees

Viper in yellow

As the colors of fall come into full effect across the northern tier of the US it is time to think about what might be the car of the year this year. You might remember last year when we chose the Lamborghini Aventador as the car of the year. The committee that chooses the North …

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May 12

BMW 3-seres wagon

Details are scant, well not really the press release tells us all about the LED lights and other crap that no one really cares about but we do have a picture! I won’t bore you with more details because we don’t know anything about engine options and such. BMW says there will be an M …

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