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May 23

What would you do if someone unknowingly restored your stolen car

It’s a sad fact of life in the automotive world that cars get stolen. No car is immune to the blight but some are more susceptible then others. Often times cars are stolen only to be recovered a bit later, sometimes they are never recovered, or sometimes 20 years later they are recovered. That is …

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Oct 03

North American Car of the Year Nominees

Viper in yellow

As the colors of fall come into full effect across the northern tier of the US it is time to think about what might be the car of the year this year. You might remember last year when we chose the Lamborghini Aventador as the car of the year. The committee that chooses the North …

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Apr 05

White Hall Drag O Way cruise in pt 2 The Fords

We pick up last weekends action with another classic hot rod. We will probably show more of this car down the road somewhere as it’s a pretty fantastic ride with some very nice details.

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