Apr 05

White Hall Drag O Way cruise in pt 2 The Fords

We pick up last weekends action with another classic hot rod. We will probably show more of this car down the road somewhere as it’s a pretty fantastic ride with some very nice details.

I made the trip with this show with my Dad and I think he picked this beautiful Fairlaine as his best in show. I can see why.

As you can see the Ford boys were out in force.

Maybe you are more of a truck guy? A BIG truck guy. You gotta love the styling on these old work horses.

We’ll end this installment with a return to Chevy, little too much Ford for my blood so far. So here is a fantastic Malibu. The paint was great and really stood out.

I’ve still got some more cars to show, maybe tomorrow, plus I’d like to post up some of the details and other things going on at the cruise in so it looks like we’ll need a pt3 a little later in the week. I’m sure you don’t mind if we take some time posting some old greats as opposed to just showing you what’s new.