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Jan 28

Subaru BRZ RA Track ready


With the Subaru BRZ getting ready to enter it’s second year of production they have rolled out the BRZ RA which is a track ready version of their very cool BRZ. Now let’s just say this up front, this car is not available in the US and it never will be. Why? Well because when …

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Oct 03

North American Car of the Year Nominees

Viper in yellow

As the colors of fall come into full effect across the northern tier of the US it is time to think about what might be the car of the year this year. You might remember last year when we chose the Lamborghini Aventador as the car of the year. The committee that chooses the North …

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Dec 05

The Subaru BRZ stats

With the new Subaru BRZ release just around the corner, we are finally getting some official stats. 200hp/150ft-lb 2.0L Boxer engine 2676lb curb weight 6 speed manual trans RWD. No official pricing yet, but we would expect that to come during the winter show season.  Rumor is it will be somewhere in the mid 20k …

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