Feb 06

Wallpaper Wednesday: A Blast From The Past

31 Ford CoupeWe dug back through the dusty Infinite Garage archives for today’s wallpaper subject.  Hit the jump for the pics and the original article with even more pictures of this grey beauty.

Our intrepid Midwestern dynamo, Jason snapped a number of great pics of this coupe nearly a year ago at one of the White Hall Drag O Way events.  I’ll let him fill you in on the few details we have.

31 Koupe, White Hall Drag O Way.


31 Ford Hot Rod Wallpaper

Old school 4:3 1600x1200 wallpaper


31 Ford Hot Rod Wallpaper

From the Future 16:9 1600x945 wallpaper











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  1. Infinitegarage

    That’s by far one of my favorite cars I photographed all year.  I’m hoping to shoot it again here in about month.  Not that we need more pics of it for IG but because I want to see how my skill has increased and if I can do better.  It’s just an awesome car.  It’s so right. 

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