Feb 27

Wallpaper Wednesday: A Pair of Porsches

Porsche 356 and SpeedsterI really dug deep into the archives of our top secret desert bunker for today’s pics.  Hit the jump for some pics I took over five years ago when vintage racing still took place in the Nevada desert.

For a couple of years we were lucking enough to have some organized vintage racing at a local race track near our secret West Coast headquarters.  These pictures are from the 2007 Reno Historics and if I’m not mistaken Porsche was the featured marque of the event.  Porsches of every vintage are numerous at most historic races so you can imagine how many were present at an event that featured the brand

This pair were simply two of the nicest examples and it’s always great to see a pair of gorgeous classics battling it out on the racetrack.

Porsche 356 and Speedster



old fashioned

Porsche 356 and Speedster